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Incredible India

Wednesday, November 17 in Vanemuise Concert Hall, Tartu
Thursday, November 18 in Old Town Studio, Tallinn
Friday, November 19 in Pärnu Concert Hall

Concert Agency Festivitas Artium, Indian Cultural Association Estonia and Indian Council of Cultural Relations present:

Ensemble "Sargam" (India)

Classics, jazz, Bollywood

Tickets (Tallinn 125 EEK, Tartu and Pärnu 95 EEK) in Piletilevi and Piletipunkt, CD100 shops and Statoil gas-stations.

Sargam Band is founded and led by famous violinist / composer Johar Ali Khan. Fusion of modern and traditional musical instruments, with light classical, Bollywood, popular, jazz, Punjabi and Hindi songs. Powerful attracting musical group with their collective brilliance have culminated 'impulse' in success. The percussion instruments give the real essence of fusion. A sizzling band of musicians from India, polarise the audience to impulse their musical flavour by fusing the melody of different musical sounds. No wonder, in the age of fusion in the world music Indian musicians have found a natural niche.

Such sound synthesis aims at the expansion of Indian classical music all over the world. Deriving inspiration from Indian classical music and different world music genre, it has come across with a mélange of the flavour of sound and music. All artists belong to well known music families called Gharana (traditional musical families).

Johar Ali Khan - violin / composer / leader
Asif Ali - singer
Saeed Ahmed - kanjira / sur mandali
Mohd. Bismil Quraishy - guitar
Imran Khan - harmonium / supporting singer
Lalit Jha - keyboard
Masarrat Hussain - dholak
Parvez Hussain - tabla
Sameer - sitar


 Taiji Yang style trainings start on 1 November 2018


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FA Schola presents:
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