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FA Schola Ensemble

FA Schola EnsembleRaho Langsepp - medieval flutes , xun
Lilian Langsepp - gothic harp
Helena Uleksin - bells, medieval flute
Janno Mäe - percussion
The FA Schola Center was founded in January 2000 under the initiative of Raho Langsepp as a collaboration between Festivitas Artium (which since 1996 has organized the Tartu Early Music Festival) and the University of Tartu (the national university of Estonia). FA Schola is a natural development in early music research and study in Tartu, helping to promote both early Western music and non-Western music. As a center of study, FA Schola's researches compare and promote early European and Asian medieval cultures as expressed in music. The center has compiled a library with extensive video and audio archives. It has also cooperated closely with the most reknowned study and research center of early music, Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (Switzerland).

As a Greek loan word in Latin, the original meaning of "schola" was "spending time in intelligent conversation". This meaning was later conflated with the familiar and more modern meanings of "teaching" and "erudition". Festivitas Artium Schola, which appreciates both the ancient and modern meanings, carries out regular studies and teaching projects. Members of the consort associated with the Center are active in teaching a variety of instruments. The Center also organizes many concert projects, for individual productions engaging additional cast as necessary.

Music from the Time of Marco Polo, a cooperative project with John Thompson (guqin, USA) draws on some of the Center's latest concert and research themes. In addition to the medieval manuscripts London Ms Add 29987 (1400) and Codex Rossi (1370), these include Codex Reina (Paris, Bibl. nat., nouv. acq. Fr. 6771, 14th century) as well as Cantigas de Santa Maria (13th century Spain).


XXI Festival ORIENT et OCCIDENT 14-16.10.2016


FA Schola presents:
CD "Music from the Time of Marco Polo"


FA Schola presents:
CD "The Sound of
Medieval Flute"