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XVI International Tartu Early Music Festival "Orient et Occident"


Friday, October 7


18.00 Concert

“Sounds of Gold and Stone”

Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra (China)

Vanemuine Concert Hall

Tickets 12€/9€


Saturday, October 8


18.00 Concert

Persian Classical Music

Ensemble Chakad (Iran)

University of Tartu Ceremonial Hall

Tickets 8€/6€


21.00 Concert

“The Eleventh Mosaic”

Lilian Langsepp – gothic harp (Estonia)

Tartu St. John’s Church

Tickets 8€/6€


Festival Café is open in Tampere House (Jaani str 4) after the last concert.


Sunday, October 9


11.00 Masterclass

“Playing frame drum”

David Kuckhermann - Germany

With preregistration

Participation fee: 10 €         


15.00 Concert

Early Russian Orthodox Chant and Traditional Music

Ensemble Russki Lad (Russia)

Ensemble Russki Obõtšai (Russia)

Tartu Church of All St. Alexanders (19a, Sõbra St.)

Tickets 8€/6€



18.00 Concert

“Music for percussion and handpans”

David Kuckhermann (Germany) – hang, cajon, frame drums, riq

Tartu St. John’s Church

Tickets 8€/6€

Festival passes are available with prices 30€/22€!


Festival tickets and passes can be purchased from the website
www.piletilevi.ee; from Piletilevi' ticket offices, including those at
Statiol petrol stations all over Estonia; and at concert hall
entrances beginning an hour before the concert.


Information: raho at festivitas dot ee , +372 5094612 (Raho Langsepp)

Organizer: Concert Agency FA Concerto
Artistic director: Raho Langsepp


XXIV International Festival ORIENT et OCCIDENT 10 - 13 October in Tartu & Tallinn


 The monument of G. Hackenschmidt


Taiji Yang style trainings 


FA Schola presents:
CD "Music from the Time of Marco Polo"


FA Schola presents:
CD "The Sound of
Medieval Flute"