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Universalia in Re

Danil Ryabchikov - rubab, oud
Maria Golubeva - violin
Natalia Kosolapova - voice
Vasiliy Arkhipov - voice, bendir

Medieval music ensemble Universalia in Re was founded in 2001 to revive the medieval approach to music as a particular internal experience affecting the human being. Such a perception of music—when it is not only listened to or contemplated as something merely beautiful or enjoyable, but experienced as an internal process employed to change one's perceptions or set a guideline for action is of the utmost importance of the ensemble.

"Universalia in Re" as a term of medieval philosophy insists on the possibility to see "universalia" in "res", to understand the invisible through the visible, the abiding through the corruptible. The name of the ensemble reflects the medieval attitude to music as a mystery, as the attempt to change man and his soul.

The ensemble's repertoire draws on the music in 11th-15th centuries' European manuscripts (carols, cantigas, laudas) and also includes music from the ancient Russian and Byzantine traditions.

XXIV International Festival ORIENT et OCCIDENT 10 - 13 October in Tartu & Tallinn


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FA Schola presents:
CD "The Sound of
Medieval Flute"