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Mikk Sarv with the ensemble "Tuulemuusikud" - Melodies Borne by the Wind

Through the wind with the earth and the forests Mikk Sarv and the Wind Musicians sing melodies of the Saami and other indigenous peoples and the Kalevala.

We are all addicts of the wind. From the first eager breath at birth to the last consummatory exhalation at deathbed we are using the wind in our breath to weave our life's tissue. The wind sweeps the humid and warm ocean of life rolling its waves in our bodies, rejoicing with us incessantly.

When the poet and sage Uku Masing (1909-1985) had walked this earth for a score of years, the wind brought to him words of the song "Udu ĂĽksi on kindel" ("The Mist Only is Sure"):

Shuttle is wind and of elm it is made
I—just a scrape of darkness's flesh
That the fingers of God from unicorn horn
Wove in star chamber when it was warm

Shuttle is wind but what thread it weaves
On earthen loom I cannot know
Mayhap the shine of mists weakened and dulled
So that I to reach them failed.

In the wind I heard a melody that sang these words. From that moment, the wind sings through me, expressing trees and countries, joy and sadness.

I am learning more and more to open myself to melodies borne by the wind, allowing them to sing myself. My good teachers have been the wind singers of various indigenous peoples:  the Kalevala bards from Karyala region, the Saami people, the Seto, the Ersa, the Mari, the Vepsians from our close vicinity; the Ostyak, the Vogul, the Keti, the Sylkup, the Luoravetlans from Siberia; the Chippewas, Lakota, Salish, Pima, Kechua from the Americas as well as the trees, the rocks and the waters everywhereÂ…

The Wind Musicians are my companions who cherish melodies of the wind. They are: Heno Sarv, Tõnis Tulp, Priit Pedajas, Jaan Kiho, Anne Maasik, Heiki-Rein Veromann, Raimond Julle, Raho Langsepp, Taivo Niitvägi, Paul Hagu, Viktor Danilov, Marju Sarv and many others. I would also like to extend my gratitude to all who have resounded and resound with us!

Mikk Sarv

XXIV International Festival ORIENT et OCCIDENT 10 - 13 October in Tartu & Tallinn


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FA Schola presents:
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