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Persian and Sufi music course

 FA Schola Centre for Early European and Oriental Music presents:

The course of Persian Classical and Sufi music in Tartu

January 22. – 24.  2016

 An opportunity to learn how in Persian classical and Sufi music traditions:

- to sing

- to play an instrument  (any instrument one has learned)

- to accompany on a percussion (frame drum (daf) and tombak)


The course is led by Mohammad Rasouli (Iran).

Tentative Schedule:     

Friday, January 22. 18 – 20.30
Saturday, January 23. 12 – 14.30 & 16 – 19

Sunday, January 24. 12 – 14


Selected pieces from the course can be included to the concert programme on Sunday, January 24.

The cost of the course is 60€/50€ (discount being for students and retired).


More information and registration: raho at festivitas dot ee

NB! There can be minor changes in the time schedule, please follow the information.


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FA Schola presents:
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