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Kandiah Sivapalaratnam


Mr. Sivabalaratnam hails from an orthodox Hindu family and presently employed as a teacher at a government school in the city of colombo.

He started his career as a student in Karnatic music which is a South Indian classical music at the age of seventeen. His Guru is Sangeetha booshanam Mr. T.Bala Sundaram. Later he studied flute under
Mr. Namasivayam. Thereafter he had advanced training under Kala booshanam T.V. Pichaiappa.

He has qualified as a B grade artist at the Sri Lanka Broad-casting corporation. He frequently accompanies dance programmes and orchestras. He serves as a flute teacher in the Temple of Fine Arts which is a world wide institution.

At present he is awaiting for the examination to obtain a master degree in music at the Madras University Chennai India.


 Taiji Yang style trainings start on 1 November 2018


FA Schola presents:
CD "Music from the Time of Marco Polo"


FA Schola presents:
CD "The Sound of
Medieval Flute"