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Palestinian Music

Tuesday, November 30, 7 p.m.
Tartu University Ceremonial Hall

Ensemble "Karawan Choir" (Palestine)

Karawan Choir was established in 1994 in a small village called Ibillin. It stages and performs eastern folklore and folk songs, old and classical songs for the gorgeous eastern singers, composers and musicians that had been forgotten. More over, it performs and sings original and pure songs with its delightful and charming music and its most difficult stage roles; it also sings Andalusia postclassical songs, which are composed from different complicated musical tonnage weights.

Karawans had participated in so many performance and festivals local and abroad. Every year they have their special performance, more over they are invited to some shows in the Arab sector in so many occasions. Karawan have also participated in festival in Finland in 2002 (Hankasalmi, Kangasniemi, Helsinki), in the same year Karawan took part in Jarash festival in Jordan which has an important value for them as Arabs in Israel.

Ibillin is a village in western Galilee, situated among the three cities: Haifa, Nazareth and Acer. It expands over the tributaries of few hills at the height of tens of meters. The old crusader's wall which used to surround the village witnesses how ancient it is. Long ago it was a crusader's reserve protecting the passed tribes on its fields, and the old olive trees witness how deep are the roots of this village in the book of history. Its local council - 11 members - saw the light in 1961. The first elections were held in 1965. Most of the people in the village are workings in free works and some are farmers. Moslems and Christians, about 10000 citizens, are strongly related by ties of love and forgiveness. Today Ibillin is a shining bride, joining the progress of the coming generation, motivating the steps towards the peak and the zenith in the various fields.


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