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Swedish hymns and songs from Finland, Estonia and Russia

April 17, 7 p.m.
Tartu University main building ceremonial hall
April 19, 6 p.m.
Tallinn, Swedish Mikael Church

Agnethe Christensen (Denmark)

Agnethe Christensen (mezzo-soprano) comes originally from Sweden, studied at the Royal Danish Conservatory and specialized in renaissance and medieval singing with Andrea von Ramm in Basel and furthermore in Rome and Paris. Well known for her unconventional interpretations of modern and classical works, and with intriguing vocal clarity, she presents a thrilling exponent for the recent wave of, and exploratory marriage between, contemporary, folk and early vocal music. Agnethe has worked with modern composers Luca Lombardi, Palle Mikkelborg, Wolfgang Rihm, Luciano Berio and John Cage, with opera, folk and film music, and with baroque orchestras and directors such as Reinard Goebel, Frieder Bernius, Concerto Copenhagen, and in her regular medieval group ALBA with which she has released several CDs. She also appears at opera stages world-wide performing mainly modern and baroque opera, most recently with the internationally well-known Danish performance group Hotel Proforma in the picture opera "Operation Orfeo" and since 2001 with Sequentia in e.g. the medieval musical drama "The Rheingold curse".


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FA Schola presents:
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