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Songs and dances in front of the Gates of Renaissance

Embassy of the Czech Republic, concert agency Festivitas Artium and Czech Airlines present:

European music and dances from the end of 14th till the beginning of 16th century.

The ensemble Kvinterna renewed its activity in 1994 and since that time regularly performs at home and abroad. It takes part in various festivals of ancient and also alternative music. Kvinterna's concerts often have a theatrical quality, reinforcing the music by movement and light. The group also collaborates with radio and television, and took part in the making of an American documentary about alchemy in Bohemia.

One of the main areas of interest of the members of Kvinterna is the Christian and Jewish music of thirteenth and fourtheenth-century Europe. Apart from medieval Spanish songs, such as those of the Cantigas de Santa MarĂ­a, its repertoire also includes Bohemian church music and music of the Royal Court, particularly of the time of the reign of Emperor Charles IV. Kvinterna is concerned with the reconstruction of Christian rituals and performs music inspired by medieval alchemy. An important part of all its performances consists in improvisation by its members, who also compose and render their own pieces. They use quality copies of the period's instruments as well as various other 'ethnic' instruments. Kvinterna's music often features ornamentation and rhythmic models characteristic of non-European, Oriental influences. Their aim in interpretation is to revive the inspirational multicultural environment of a former age.

The ensemble Chorea Historica studies and performs historical dances. Ensemble was founded in September 2000 under the professional guidance of Doc. Eva Kröschlová. The ensemble focuses on reconstructing authentic choreographies of early and late Renaissance dance masters (e.g. Domenico da Piacenza, Guglielmo Ebreo, Fabritio Caroso, Thoinot Arbeau, Cesare Negri). During her studies, Eva Kröschlová was instructed by accomplished experts such as Barbara Sparti, Dorothée Wortelboer, Véronique Daniels, Jane Gingel, and others. She also creates her own dance compositions to original historical music. Chorea Historica travels with a repertoire of several dance programmes from early and late Renaissance.

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FA Schola presents:
CD "Music from the Time of Marco Polo"


FA Schola presents:
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